Smart IT become Chief Information Officer of your comapny!

Smart IT is an IT management consulting company supporting realization of the strategic IT utilization in the viewpoint of CEO in the medium and small-sized business!


You can realize a big change in a short period if you utilize IT!

However, we think that it is realistic that the change should be by half step and that more half step should be proceeded after realizing the convenience and getting some awareness.

In addition, if you adopt expensive and advanced IT by guess, we think that the possibility that you can utilize it is approximately 0.


IT is a work tool same as a car and a hammer, but it is difficulut for a company to judge the value compared to buy and introduce a car and a hammer. Because IT is often invisible, and people do not know that IT is utiliezed in the convenience in daily life. 


If you would like to consult about "what kind of IT tool is fit to your company and how to introduce it and how to utilize it", please leave it to smart IT of our company which is a specialist in IT!

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  • March 3,2013 (Sun.): Renew our homepage using Jimdo service that is easy to update information. It means that we stopped using Rental Server Service.
  • Februay 6,2013 (Tur.): Out CEO lectured at the Ichikawa chamber-of-commerce-sponsored "information security measure seminar which small and medium-sized enterprises should know.""
  • January 1,2013: Happy New Year! Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to act as a lecturer by many seminars and study meetings while I am allowed to support a lot of  small and medium-sized enterprises last year. We would like to keep doing our best for the promotion of IT practical use of small and medium-sized enterprises also this year.
  • December 19 (Wed.) and 26 (Wed.), It acted as the judge in the examination meeting of the software development expense support for SME in Shinagawa-ku which is an enterprise for small and medium-sized enterprises of Shinagawa-ku 2012.
  • December 4, 2012 (Tue.): It acted as the lecturer at the regular meeting of Hitachi Consulting Engineers Association at Hitachi Systems by the theme "a view of  present condition, a subject and future of IT practical use in small and medium-sized enterprises, a subject, and future."
  • January 5,2011. I registered as an IT specialist in Chiba Prefectural Industrial Promotion Cetner which is a center to assist Small and Medium Enterprise in Chiba Prefecture.
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